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Have you ever thought that an all-time classic such as a polo shirt could be a real gem in the dressing room? It was with this idea that Ace of Aces was created, a Spanish firm that turns this sport apparel into an item sought by lovers of the most exclusive luxury items.


The customisable polo shirts by Ace of Aces are carefully made by hand with a special fabric developed using exclusive 100% Premium Pima cotton fabric, known as the best cotton in the world or the cashmere of cotton. It is a raw material with very limited production, characterised by the length of its fibres, which makes the garments even more resistant, giving them an exquisitely soft feel.

There is another set of quality features that take the classic polo shirt to the next level and make it stand out immediately, such as the embroidered label around the neck or the double felled seams along the entire length of the garment, not common in this type of product due to its complexity and high manufacturing cost. All of this makes the polo shirt more comfortable, resistant and hard wearing. The firm’s logo—the iconic ace—is 3D embroidered at low speed with a total of 1,419 stitches. And lastly, the polo shirt is washed in ozone.

Natasha Romanov at Marbella with her White Ace Gold Limited Edition

Natasha Romanov, related to the family of the last tsar of Russia, is the face of the firm



But the main differentiating element of Ace of Aces polo shirts is the possibility of customising them with a series of highly sophisticated details, turning them into absolutely exclusive garments, which are perfect for any occasion. Through the web configurator, the customer can select the different types of customisation, with a name, a message or a favourite number, using elements as luxurious as 18-karat gold or authentic carbon fibre, a very exclusive material that fans of luxury cars will recognise.

Customize your Ace of Aces polo with real carbon fiber
Customize your polo with real carbon fiber



“Ace of Aces” Polo Shirt: It is manufactured in very limited editions of 500 pieces per model worldwide, divided into different sizes, where only a very select few can have one. (Price: from €305)

You can customized the colors of Ace of Aces logo, embroidered in 3D
Ace of Aces logo embroidered in 3D
The exclusive Ace of Aces polo shirt are customized and designed at Spain
Your unique Ace polo shirt, customized at Spain












“Customise” Polo Shirt: The combination of the Ace of Aces polo shirt with the innovative technique developed to embroider the desired name or number with authentic carbon fibre. (Price: from €850)

“Limited Edition” Polo Shirt: Only five pieces are made per model. The logo is not embroidered, but instead handmade in 18-karat gold by master jeweller Pablo Cimadevila, former Olympic champion and successful YouTuber. The interior finish of the ace has the initials engraved, which can be in white, pink or yellow gold. It takes between 4 and 6 weeks to make from the time the order is placed. (Price: from €6,400).


Natasha Romanov and Magna Cars with their Limited Edition Ace of Aces polo shirts
1 of Aces Gold and Carbon Fiber Limited Edition

The jeweller and former Olympic champion Pablo Cimadevila is the one responsible for ensuring that every “Limited Edition” polo shirt is unique in the world by customising each one with 18-karat gold

The Limited Edition is made by hand by master jeweller Pablo Cimadevila
The master Jeweller Pablo Cimadevila

“The Ace of Aces logo is a piece of jewellery that is very special”, explains Cimadevila. It is handmade. It starts from a wax model and, through a microfusion process, is created in gold, polished and placed in the final garment by hand, individually, one by one. Merging fashion and jewellery together is fascinating. Bringing these two worlds together and creating a unique item is a challenge that has not been easy, but we’ve done it”.

A five-time Paralympic swimming medalist, Cimadevila also starred in Discovery Max’s ’24 Kilates’ television programme and is now a successful YouTuber with nearly two million followers. “I’m not a man who loves challenges, but instead objectives, which I try to achieve as a way to keep myself motivated every day. And from the very beginning, Ace of Aces seemed like a very interesting project to me. Anything that tries to innovate, in a saturated market lacking ideas in general, is always motivating. Creating something new and unique that places value on handmade items, exclusivity and customisation is the sure path to success”, says the jeweller.




Natasha Romanov, a well-known Russian businesswoman based in Marbella who is related to the last tsar’s family, lends her image as the final touch to the firm’s launch. Her profile represents the Marbella lifestyle with which the company is identified with. An influential figure in the Russian and Arabic markets, Romanov gained popularity after her participation in the reality show ‘Mujeres Ricas’ by La Sexta. She is a trendsetter in the world of luxury, both locally and internationally, and her presence at any party or event is surefire way to guarantee its success.

“From the very beginning, I was struck by the project’s originality and the product’s quality. I completely identify with the Ace of Aces polo shirts because they meet the main characteristics that I take into account when choosing a garment: quality, originality and exclusivity”, says the businesswoman.

Natasha Romanov with embroidered Ace of Aces polo shirt at the swimming pool
Natasha Romanov with Ace of Aces polo shirt

Passionate about fashion, Romanov is clear about when an Ace of Aces polo shirt can be the best item to wear to create a look. “It’s perfect for sports events, gatherings with friends at an exclusive venue and other occasions when you want to stand out with a different garment. Depending on the dress code, I would match it with other more formal garments and heeled sandals or with jeans and trainers. In addition, a customisable Ace of Aces polo shirt is a luxurious gift that anyone would love to receive”, she suggests.

Born in Moscow, Natasha Romanov studied Microbiology and moved to Sweden, where she founded her own company. Eventually, she came to Spain and set down roots in Marbella. She is a Lady of the Spanish Order of Honour and in 2010, she was named the Royal Chancellor for Russia.


The 1 of Aces logo sketched
1 of Aces brand

Ace of Aces is the brainchild of Javier Martínez, the firm’s founder and creative director. A publicist and entrepreneur, he has been running his own high-quality textile embroidery company for thirteen years. “I’ve always wanted to create my own brand, something different, with great added value and with a touch of customisation. Today, after many years dreaming about it and working towards it, fortunately, it’s now a reality”.


Quality, originality and exclusivity: the firm’s keys to success