The box, the paper, the seal, or the certificate … everything has been carefully studied to activate your senses.

The Ace of Aces polo is delivered in an exclusive packaging

“Great experiences start behind impressive wrappers”

Product Image

The Box

The Ace of Aces box features a subdued matte finished white color to contrast the gloss embossed logo that reflects surrounding light as it moves with the user. The lower part is made in matte finished black and offers a contrast speaking to the brand’s effortless elegance.

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Minimal Details

After undergoing strict quality controls, the polo shirt is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside a box with its corresponding certificate of authenticity. Then, the box is sealed and tied with a ribbon.

Product Image

The Result

Ace of Aces classic luxury is epitomized in this specific packaging design. The tissue paper ensures the richness of the black, while the securing black Grosgrain ribbons provide a subtle, but luxurious contrast in textures. The dual purpose of the ribbon is to both secure the box as well as create an elevated sense of anticipation by adding a signature moment of pause to the user experience.